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All clients benefit from using one or more of the following frameworks.  Often, we create a custom mix based on your goals. 


R.I.S.E To More Profit™

Everyone wants to RISE.  Whether it is in your career, completing a project or winning a new sale, an important volunteer activity, a contribution to the community and helping others RISE in their goals or ambitions—we all want more for ourselves and others.

R.I.S.E. stands for “Responding. Inquiring. Situating. Engaging” and is the core framework used to take a fresh look at your current approach and success in dealing with customers, your social community and others you serve. Used by doctors, salespeople, leaders, those in the public and private sectors, RISE provides an easy and repeatable method for improving outcomes and results. The four key elements include:


Respond—timely and with meaning to requests from others.

Inquire--listen to what others are saying in person, social and phone.

Situate—yourself to learn more about the inquiry and provide authentic value.

Engage—provide a plan, actions and follow up in-person and social instead of forcing outcomes.

Don’t Just Text, Connect!™

A predominantly digital strategy will not work.  Enhanced human connection with customers and co-workers, particularly in ways that foster shared prosperity, is what is needed.  This is the heart of Don’t Just Text, Connect!

Don’t Just Text, Connect! (DJTC) teaches skills that will separate those companies who continue to attract and retain engaged employees and loyal customers from those who do not. All participants gain skills to create authentic connections with customers, each other, the company and community in ways that are authentic and sustainable.  

Participants learn what it takes to meet their immediate small business, corporate or career objectives while building in layers of security for the future—simultaneously adding lasting value and fostering positive change for themselves and others.

DJTC provides the following skills:

1. Cross generational leadership skills:  motivating according to what each generation values.
2. Increasing awareness about generational similarities versus differences in the workplace.
3. Balancing the amount of social media and in person communication.
4. Creating channels to reach customers and employees with targeted generational content.

Don’t Just Text, Connect! ignites any professional’s career trajectory and business success while, surprisingly, helping others.    

The C-E-O Framework™ 

Customers, Employees and Owners. Think about it:  everyone you deal with and your own role in the business can be described as one of these three. But we get stuck—labelled—as being just one of these when in fact, all through the day, week month and our career we play the role of each at different times.

The C-E-O Framework™  Clients implementing the C-E-O Framework develop an innate understanding of everyone (including themselves) in the ever-changing roles of Customer, Employee, and Owner. This creates a measurable improved relationship with customers, co-workers, owners, partners and suppliers BECAUSE people begin to see the critical role they play in each role. Profitability, customer and employee retention increase.

Participants in the program may themselves be an Employee for many different companies or projects fluidly moving in and out of different roles and responsibilities for both full time and project work.  Finally and in all cases, each person is an Owner of the learning, adopting and accountability necessary to attain specific outcomes.


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