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You need vision, clarity and action. And so does your business. Whether you ‘are’ the business, leading others in an organization, or both—you need to leverage your strengths, set and execute a strategy and manage your career. Pick one of three starting points below that works best for you right now. We will provide you benefits from the other categories and bring this in as you need them.  

Leadership Strengthening


Whether you own a business, run a business or work in the private or public sector---you are a leader. Every day you lead yourself, a schedule, and coordinate if not lead many others around you. You are already using core strengths to succeed. We will help you name and magnify those strengths (you may be a surprised), and then learn to use them in new ways in your work and social environment. You will develop new attitudes, actions and habits to put your existing and strengths to use!  You will see new ways to accomplish a goal, launch a new initiative or program, lead in more effective ways and be able to measure the impact of using your new strengths and skills! 


Strategic Consulting


Customers, Employees and Owners—these three categories are the lifeblood of an existing business, a new start or a business in transition. So that is where we focus with our unique approach covering attitudes, actions, unspoken needs, challenges and methods of communication.   We uncover opportunities to recognize new markets and ways to further engage customers, employees and partners. We specialize in addressing succession planning, focused growth, business development, sales expansion and leveraging partner networks.

Career Coaching


Whether thinking about a career change now, starting a new role or reinventing who you are in your working life, you need a plan and guide. We help increase your success by co-piloting with you on the journey, following a map we create of goals you define based on strengths, passions, what you value now, and what you don’t want to do. The result: you have greater success in an authentic way that is sustainable for you and makes you happy. Yes, you can have it that way!

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